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Ararat City Council

Utilising existing light poles to advertise & promote upcoming events in the regional country town of Ararat Victoria was a no brainer, but selecting the right light pole banner system to install was a difficult choice. Team leader Phillippa from Ararat City Council deliberated for weeks whilst she sought out the various options at her disposal.

Faced with many options from various companies all boasting to have a suitable systems to display light pole banners, she says it wasn't until she started digging a little deeper did she notice that BannerSaver was the only system still being used throughout various councils & districts around Australia, with some having been installed over 15 years ago. Despite being shown newer systems promoting easier banner changeover, the longevity & reliability of these products couldn't be proven, nor did they offer a 10 Year Warranty.

Ultimately BannerSaver was awarded the job, and since their installation way back in 2019 the city now has 5 sets of rotating banners used throughout the year to promote their various annual events.