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BannerSaver Advisor

Tell us your banner sizes, the number of banners, the circumference of the light poles & how many banners per pole & we will build a shopping list for you to add to your cart & then purchase. Its as simple as that!

Tell Us About Your Banners

How wide are your banners or flags?


What height are your banners or flags?


How many banners or flags do you have?


How Many Banners Per Pole?

One banner per flag pole
Two banners per flag pole

What Shape Is The Pole?

Is the pole round in shape?
Is the pole square in shape?
Is the pole some other shape?

What is the Circumference of the Pole?

What is the circumference of the light pole?

Pole Circumference

Would You Like the Brackets Powder Coated?

No powder coat finish on the brackets
Black powdercaot finish on the brackets
Other colour powdercoat on the brackets?

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Build My Kit

Banner Width ? Banner Height ? Height x Width = Quantity of Banners? Banners Per Pole ? Pole Shape ? Pole Circumference ? Powder Coating ?

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