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Install Guide


  • Install the top bracket first, bottom bracket second.
  • We recommended you install the banner at the same time you install the brackets. Installing the brackets prior to installation of the banners may result in necessary adjustments due to incorrect measurements.
  • Recommended install height: Minimum of 3.2 metres from the ground to the bottom of banner (for parking lots and street locations).
  • Spring position is crucial: Remember: Top bracket: spring on top. Bottom bracket: spring on bottom.
  • Check fiberglass arms are +50mm longer than the width of your banner.
  • Use 3 bands of banding per bracket – 2 on the spring end, 1 on the other.

Installation Steps

Step 1: Secure Banding - following the instructions appropriate for your banding position and attach bracket to pole, using duct tape or a bungee to temporarily secure bracket while metal bands are positioned (see Figure 1). Secure metal bands with banding tool and remove any duct tape. Reminder: spring on top!

Installation Steps Figure 1: Secure banding Figure 1

Step 2: Install Arm and Secure – insert fiberglass arm through top pole pocket of banner and insert end of arm with the metal sleeve into the nose of the bracket.

Step 3: Secure with Pin and Zip Tie – insert pin through BannerSaver nose and fiberglass arm (see Figure 2). Finish with zip tie through grommet (see Figure 3).

Installation Steps Step 2: Install arm & secureFigure 2
Installlation Steps Step 3: Scure with pin & zip tie.Figure 3

Step 4: Complete – tighten banding. Clip excess banding and zip tie with snips (see Figure 4).

Installation Steps Figure 4: Tighten banding Figure 4

Step 5: Move down the pole to the approximate bottom bracket position.

Step 6: Secure Banner to Arm – at this point, your banner will be attached to the top bracket only and hanging downwards. Insert fiberglass arm through bottom pole pocket of banner with the metal sleeve inserted into the nose of the bracket. Note: The bottom bracket is not yet attached to the pole at this point.

Step 7: Secure with Pin – insert the pin through BannerSaver nose and fiberglass arm. The banner is now fully extended and attached to the bracket. The bracket can now be installed on the pole.

Step 8: Attach to Pole – push bottom bracket against pole – spring on bottom – and install both top banding.

Step 9: Bottom Band – push bottom edge of bracket against the pole and install bottom banding.

Step 10: Complete – finish with zip tie through grommet. Trim ends of the zip tie and banding.