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St Kilda Sea Baths

If ever there was a site to showcase the build quality & reliability of BannerSaver, the St Kilda Sea Baths would take top the cake. Located on the beachfront at sunny, but notoriously windy St Kilda beach, the St Kilda Sea Baths had to be sure they were investing in a viable system to display light pole banners along the length of their property. Installed in 2008, these street light pole banner brackets are 14 years old and still going strong.

With its harsh winds & unpredictable weather patterns, coastal conditions are often very detrimentl to promotional flags & light pole banner systems. That was until BannerSaver. Our street pole banner brackets are designed with a unique spring-loaded mechanism, allowing the banner to collapse in the direction of the prevailing wind. Even in speeds of up to 145kph, BannerSaver spills the wind loading on the light pole by a staggering 80%, protecting the infrastructure & banner from further damage. (See our Wind Tunnel Test Video for the evidence.)

Providing the ultimate protection to the elements, our flag or banner brackets are cast from high pressure injection moulded aluminium, featuring a stainless steel spring. Backed by our 10 Year Warranty, we believe you will be hard pressed to find a similar product with such a proven quality track record.