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Large BannerSaver Brackets (Pair) for street light pole banners and flags

Large BannerSaver Brackets (Pair)

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2 X spring loaded aluminium street light pole brackets designed for mounting large light pole flags & banners up to 2.1 square metres (sqm or m2) or 800 millimetres (mm) wide X 2600 millimetres (mm) high.

The pair of large street pole flag & banner brackets for poles includes removable fibreglass arms, pins and cable ties.

These brackets are designed to be installed using our 16mm stainless steel banding, banding clips & banding tool.


And please note that we have installation steps & even installation videos to show you how to install these light pole banner brackets.

Light Pole Banner Kits

If you have many lage pole banners or flags to install & are just not sure what you need, you can also use our online Light Pole Banner Bracket Kit Advisor to build your own specific Pole Banner Kit for your installation.