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Heavy Banding Installation Video

How to Install Heavy Duty Banding

Below is an instructional video for help with installation of the heavy banding. A transcript of the video is after the video.

Heavy Banding Installation Video Transcript

Thanks for choosing Banner Saver for your upcoming project. Banner Saver is the world's premier wind spilling banner bracket system. In this video, we'll walk through everything you need to know about installing these incredible brackets. There are two choices for banding, standard banding and heavy banding.

This video will focus on heavy banding.

Bannersaver Kit Components

Before we begin, let's go over all of the components of a Banner Saver Kit and the tools needed for proper installation. Each Banner Saver Kit includes 2 brackets, 2 fiberglass arms, 2 pins, and 2 zip ties. You will notice the fiberglass arms are 4 inches longer than your banner width.

In addition to the Banner Saver Kits, you will need 4 heavy duty bands.

Tools needed for installation

You will need the following tools for a successful installation. A safe way to reach your work site, such as a bucket truck or lift. Banding tool. Tape measure. Marker. Tin snips. Tape.

Helpful Tips

Now let's talk about some tips before you get started.

We recommend a top to bottom approach, which means installing the top bracket first and bottom bracket second.

It's highly recommended that you install the banner at the same time you install the brackets. Installing the brackets prior to installing the banner is likely to result in measurement issues and may require purchasing additional bands. The recommended install height is a minimum of 15 feet from the ground to the bottom of the banner for standard parking lot locations.

Your site may have different requirements.

The spring position is important. Remember, top bracket, spring on top, bottom bracket, spring on top. Got it? Okay, let's get going.

Step 1: Place Top Brackets

Position and attach the top bracket to the pole using tape to temporarily secure the bracket while the bands are positioned. We're installing two banners per pole, but the process is the same when you install one banner per pole. Remember, spring on top for this one!

Step 2: Secure the banding

Wrap the banding around the pole twice, going through the buckle each time.

Bend the band towards the buckle to hold it in place while you get your install tool aligned. Slide the band through the tool nose and gripper block and then squeeze the lever. You will want the buckle to rest against the nose of the tool. Use the spinner to apply tension to the bands by turning it clockwise.

Once the band is snug, use a marker to apply a line on the band about a half inch from the buckle. Tighten with the tool until the line is no longer visible. Once the buckle and band are tight, back off the tension by turning the handles counterclockwise half of a turn while pushing the tool towards the buckle.

Moving the tool without backing off the tension may cause the band to break.

Cut off the excess banding with the cutting tool by pulling it towards you in a quick motion. Make necessary adjustments now once the band has been cut. Modifications will require a new band. Set the tool aside and bend the remaining banding tab down with your thumb.

Hammer down the ears of the buckle with a hammer.

Remove the tape and repeat the process for the second band.

Step 3: Install Arm & Secure

Insert the end of the fibreglas arm with the metal sleeve into the nose of the bracket. Insert your pin through the banner saver nose and fiberglass arm.

Step 4: Hang Banners

Slide the banner onto the installed fiberglass arm.

Finish with a zip tie through the grommet.

Trim the zip tie.

Step 5: Position Bottom Arm & Bracket

To position the bottom bracket, insert the fiberglass arm through the bottom pole pocket of the banner. The metal sleeve end should be inserted into the nose of the bracket. Insert the pin through the banner saver nose and fiberglass arm. It should be noted that the bottom bracket is not yet attached to the pole.

Repeat the process for the second banner if installing two banners per pole.

Step 6: Secure Bottom Brackets

The bottom bracket can now be installed on the pole. Push the bottom bracket against the pole, spring on bottom, and install the top band.

Minor adjustments to the location of the bracket on the pole can be made by lightly tapping the bracket with a hammer.

Step 7: Final Bands

Push the bottom edge of the bracket against the pole and install the bottom band.

Banner Savers have a one degree cantilever built into the design of the bracket, so as you push the bracket against the pole, the banner will tighten.

Step 8: Final Zip Ties

Finally, finish with a zip tie through the grommet. Trim the ends of the zip tie, and you're done.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about installing your Banner Saver Brackets. If you have additional questions about installation or bracket maintenance, Please refer to the install guide included with your bracket purchase or visit BannerSaver. com for additional info.