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Congratulations! You’ve chosen BannerSaver™, the world’s foremost wind-spilling banner bracket. Before you begin installation – familiarize yourself with the components of a BannerSaver™ kit and the additional tools needed for proper installation.

Necessary Components

The following components are required for you to install your light pole banners:

  1. BannerSaver™ brackets
  2. Banding
  3. Fiberglass arms
  4. Pins
  5. Cable Ties
BannerSaver components

Required Tools

Which Banding?

There are many variables to consider when selecting your preferred banding type, Standard Banding or Heavy Banding. Factors you should consider are:

16mm Stainless Steel Banding

  • Uses 6 bands per set.
  • Heavy Duty Banding is required for the BannerSaver™ Large and Extra-Large but it is ideal for all jobs because they provide a tighter grip and reduce your maintenance costs over the long run.
  • Custom cut/priced based on the diameter of your light pole.
  • Requires banding tool.

Available PDF Download: Standard Banding or Heavy Banding?

Standard banding installed with BannerSaver banner brackets Standard Banding
Heavy duty banding installed with BannerSaver banner brackets Heavy Duty Banding